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Here is a list, by category, of some of the books we own. This list is not complete; we will be adding to it as we have time. However, we have indexed enough to be useful so we are putting it up.

A couple of caveats:

  1. Just because we own it does *not* mean it is a good, or useful book on the subject. This is a listing of what we own, and not necessarily a recommendation.
  2. Not everything will be on the middle ages or Renaissance. Most, but not all. This is a listing of everything we own, and we are interested in more than the middle ages and Renaissance.
  3. Some books will be on more than one list, since this is more or less by subject, and some books fall under more than one subject.
  4. If you have any questions about any specific books, email Jaelle and ask. Reasonable questions will be answered.
  5. Check back every week or so, as we will be updating this list. Eventually some of the lists will become annotated bibliographies, but don't expect that to happen soon.


Books dealing with beverages or drinking.
Issues of Compleat Anachronist that we have.
Cake Decorating
Books on cake decorating.
Card Weaving
Books on card weaving and inkle weaving.
These are books that are catalogues of museum exhibitions, or books that are on a broad subject so they belong with them.
Books dealing with calligraphy, illumination, illuminated manuscripts, papermaking, bookbinding, etc.
CIBA Reviews.
Books on costume.
Counted Work
Charts for counted work, period and non-period including blackwork, counted crosswork, needlepoint, etc.
Books on dance.
Books that deal with everyday life, letters, etc.
Books that deal with military (except Osprey and their ilk), fighting, SCA fighting, armour, chivalry, tournaments, warfare, etc.
Food Garnishing
Books on food garnishing, or food decoration, except for cake decoration.
Books on medieval furniture. Both about and howto.
Books on herbs, herbals, gardens, vegetables, medicine, and that ilk. Not all are medieval or renaissance.
Books on jewelry and metal work.
Books on lace.
Books on Marzipan work, gum paste, sugar flowers and their ilk.
Books from the Museum of London.
Books of songs and music. Period, SCA and out of period.
Men at war books, mostly the Osprey series, but some others that deal with military uniforms.
Books of Tapestries.
Books on Vikings and their time period, and related stuff.

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