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4 Indoor Games or How to While Away a Siege Guy de Montferrat de la Meslay
10 Critical History of Illumination in Gaul & France Merewyn Sigrudsdottir
12 Come Into My Chamber: English Domestic Architectur Assorted
13 Period Pornography William Darcy of Montrose
15 DeerAbbey: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Margaret of Shaftesbury
16 Complete Herbal, A Assorted
18 Leatherworking II Trobere Oakseed
21 Saints of the Middle Ages Illtyd & Vasili iz Naitemnesho
23 Arms and Armour III Barok Baran
25 Gardens Deidre Ui Mhaille
26 Pavillions of the Known World Alexandre le Bon Homme
27 Herbs II Herbalists Fellowship
28 Fabrics: From the Wellspring Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren
29 Weapons & Armour II (1100-1350) David Anthony Counts
30 Medieval Abbey Life II Deer Abbey Margaret of Shaftsbury
32 Witchcraft in the Middle Ages Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys
33 To Cure Humanity Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys
34 Russian Folklore Eichling von Amrum
35 Introduction to Russian Costume, An Soraya Evodia of Odessa
38 Costume Studies 1 Articles frm Seams Like Old Time Audelindis de Rheims, et al
39 Costume Studies 2 Articles frm Seams Like Old Time Audelindis de Rheims, et al
40 Costume Studies 3 Articles frm Seams Like Old Time Audelindis de Rheims, et al
43 Palette of Period Pigments, A Megan ni Laine de Belle Rive
47 Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination, A William de Corbie
51 Islamic World, The Assorted
52 Women in Medieval Times II Social Position Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
53 Cosmetics Rosemounde of Mercia
54 Mongols, The Catriona Macpherson
55 Primer on Period Pottery, A Siobhan ni Ryan of Briellr
56 Kyrie Eleison: Arms and Armour of the Byzantine Balian fitzGilbert
57 Viking Miscellanea, A Assorted
58 Medieval Knighthood: The Beginning Brian Temple
59 Women's Garb in Northern Europe, 450-1000 C.E. Krupp & Priest-Dorman
60 Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages Shapiro, Marc
61 An Encheiridion - The Education of a Scribe Sherbring, Melinda
62 Trouveres, The Rochefort, Deborah
63 Medieval Merchants and Artisans McCloskey, Milly
64 Scandanavian Textiles Assorted
65 Japanese Miscellany, A Bryant, Anthony
66 Welsh Miscellany, A Jones, Heather Rose
67 Ars Poetica Societatis Morris, E & T. Sheehan
68 Domestic Lighting: Candles, Lamps & Torches Sherman, Dennis
69 Development of the Coat of Plates, The Lacy, Michael
70 World's Oldest Dance, The Harding, Karol Henderson
71 Period Pastimes Smith, Patrick J.
72 Aineh: Oriental Mirror Armour Counts, David Anthony
73 Best of "Chronique", The Price, Brian R.
74 Dance: The Playbeau Interview Rochefort, Paul
75 Vestarios: Clothing of the Eastern Roman Empire Bowers, Donna
76 Dreamer's Travels, A Ioseph of Locksley
77 Medieval Baskets Elfwyn de Barfleur
78 Non-European Games Brusten de Bearsul
79 From the Kitchens of Castle Gillywick: Willihilda Therica Pembroke
80 Things to Wear: Clothing of the Heian Period Japan Fujiwara no Aoi
81 Period Metrology Part 1 Grant Graeme de Menteith
82 Period Metrology Part 2 Grant Graeme de Menteith
83 University of Paris, The: Higher Education in the Isabelle de Foix
84 Handgonnes in the Middle Ages Justinian Syke of Rakovec
85 Basic Bookbinding Oswald von dem Grunwald
86 Stitch Out of Time, A: German Counted Thread Embro Richard of Waymarc
87 Spinning With a Medieval Twist Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mea
88 Beyond Prowess: Studying Chivalric Literature Deirdre O'Siodhachain
89 Art of Papermaking, The Annejke MacAiodh Van der Sickl
90 Elizabethan Underpinnings for Women Drea di Pellegrini
91 Early Childe Ballads Zweig, Dani
92 Stained Glass Throughout the Middle Ages Neilsen, Ann D. A.
93 Period Chronology Humbarger, Grant
94 Deeds of Arms: Medieval Accounts of Challenges, et McLean, Will
95 Period Chronology vol 1 A-L Humbarger, Grant
96 Period Chronology vol 2 M-Z Humbarger, Grant
97 King Seeks More Aid, The? 2 Views of the 3rd Crusa Charon, B & K. Keeler
98 Lord Chateleyn's Men, The: Development of Elizabet Root, D. & Tumbusch T.
99 Life in Thirteenth Century Novgorod Frux, Gregory William
100 Veiled Reference, A Ford, Sherman & Sherbring
101 Western Dance 1450-1650 Durham, Janelle & Peter
102 French Food in the Renaissance Rousseau, Anne-Marie
103 Gaelic Truibas, The: History/construction Irish Pa Lynch, Nancy
104 Kings & Queens of England, The: A Primer Covell, Tim
105 Few Minutes on Books of Hours, A: An Initial Inqui Haynes, Percival, Kempe
106 Precious Stones and Their Virtues Wichman, Richard
107 Art of Anglo-Norman Warfare, The 1066-1181 Blanchard, David
108 Fingerloop Braids Swales, L & Z. Williams
109 Colorful Cook, The Renfrow, C. & E. Fleming
110 SCA Guide to a Jewish Persona, An Wolkoff, Lew
111 Introduction to Medieval Latin Stehle, Andrea Lynn
112 Yours Whilst Life Swayeth In Mine Inward Parts Blatt, Elizabeth
113 Autocratting 101 Barclay, Smith & Morris

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