Calligraphy and Illumination

Books dealing with calligraphy, illumination, illuminated manuscripts, papermaking, bookbinding, etc.

Bedford Hours
Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry, The
Deutsche Buchmalerei des Mittelalters
Imagination Almanach 1986-1993
Les Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry -Another 1
Medieval Lovers - A Book of Days
Minijatura U Jugoslaviji
Tallinna Riiklik Keskarhiiv
Tres Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry
Abukhanfusa, KerstinHelgerånet
Alexander, J. J. G. Italian Renaissance Illuminations
Alexander, J. J. G. Painted Page, The: Italian Renaissance 1450-1550
Alexander, J.J.G. Master of Mary of Burgundy, The: A Book of Hours
Alexander, Jonathan J. G. Medieval Illuminators & Their Methods of Work
Anderson, DonaldArt of Written Form, The
Arano, Luisa CogliatiMedieval Health Handbook - Tacuinum Sanitatis
(Author's name in Cyrillic) (Title in Cyrillic)
Avril, FrancoisManuscript Painting at the Court of France - 14th
Backhouse, J. & C. de HamelBecket Leaves, The
Backhouse, JanetLindisfarne Gospels, The
Backhouse, JanetHastings Hours, The
Backhouse, JanetIsabella Breviary, The
Bain, GeorgeCeltic Art
Basing, PatriciaTrades & Crafts in Medieval Manuscripts
Bise, Gabriel Tristan and Isolde (15th Century)
Bise, Gabriel Illuminated Naples Bible, The (14th Century)
Bologna, Giukia Illuminated Manuscripts
Bondioli, Miriam Miniature Lombarde
Bradley, John Illuminated Manuscripts
Breslauer, Bernard Bernard H. Breslauer Collection of Manuscrips Illu
British Library Illuminated Haggadah, The
Brondum-Nielsen Palaeografi (2 volumes)
Brown, M & P. Lovett Historical Source Book for Scribes, The
Brown, Michelle P Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts: A Guide to
Brown, Michelle P British Library Guide to Writing and Scripts, The
Camp, Ann Pen Lettering
Christies Estelle Doheny Collection, The - Medieval & Renais
Collins, Maire & V. Davis Medieval Book of Seasons, A
Day, Lewis F. Penmanship of the XVI, XVII & XVIII Centuries
Degering, Herman Lettering
Demoned, Trudie Calligraphy for Beginners
Drogin, Marc Yours Truly, King Arthur
Drogin, Marc Medieval Calligraphy
Ellsworth, R. & P.B. Ellis Book of Deer, The
Eriksson, Olof Graafisen tyylin perusteet
Ettinghausen, Richard Persian Miniatures
Ettinghausen, Richard Turkish Miniatures
Evans, Mark Sforza Hours, The
Fairbank, Alfred Story of Handwriting, The
Fouquet, Jean Getijdenboek voor Etienne Chevalier
Glen, Laurel Art of Medieval Manuscripts, The
Goldstein, David Hebrew Manuscript Painting
Gourdie, Tom Calligraphy for the Beginner
Grafton, Anthony Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Cul
Gullick, Michael Calligraphy: The Treasury of Decorative Arts
Gutman, Josep Hebrew Manuscript Painting
Hamel, Christopher de History of Illuminated Manuscripts, A
Hamel, Christopher de Scribes and Illuminators: Medieval Craftsmen
Hedeman, Anne D. Royal Image, The
Henry, Francoise Book of Kells, The
Herrin, Judith Medieval Miscellany, A
Hindman, Sandra Sealed in Parchment
Hogarth, William Artbur Baker's Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Styles
Humphrey, H.N. & O. Jones Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages, The
Jones, Peter Murray Medieval Medicine in Illuminated Manuscripts
Karp, Abraham From the Ends of the Earth: Judaic Treasures of LOC
Kirsch, Edith Visconti Hours, The
Kirsch, Edith W. Five Illuminated MS's of Giangaleazzo Visconti
Krasa, Josef Travels of Sir John Mandeville, The
Kren, Thomas Renaissance Painting in Manuscripts: British Lib
Kvet, Jan Czecho-Slovakian Minatures from Romanesque & Gothi
Lamb, C.M. Calligrapher's Handbook, The
Lowden, John Octateuches, The: A Story in Byzantine MS Illustra
Manion, Margaret Wharncliffe, The
Marks, R. & N. Morgan Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting, The
Marrow, James Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, The
Marrow, James H Hours of Simon de Varie, The
Meehan, Aidan Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual
Meehan, Aidan Celtic Alphabets
Meehan, Aidan Celtic Borders
Meehan, Aidan Illuminated Letters: Celtic Design
Meehan, Bernard Book of Durrow, The
Meiss, Millar French Painting in the Time of Jean De Berry
Mentre, Mireille Illuminated Manuscripts of Medieval Spain
Metropolitan Museum of Art Painting & Illumination in Early Renaissance Flore
Metropolitan Museum of Art Manuscript Painting from the Middle Ages to the
Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters Apocalypse, The (2 volumes)
Meulenhoff, J. M. Middeleeuwse Miniaturen
Millar, Eric Parisian Miniaturist Honore, The (Pages from)
Milliken, William Mathewson Pages from Medieval & Renaissance Illuminated MS
Mitchell, Sabrina Medieval Manuscript Painting
Mutherich, F & J Gaehde Carolingian Painting
Narkiss, Bezalel Golden Haggadah, The
Narkiss, Bezalel Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts
Nordenfalk, Carl Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Painting
Nordenfalk, Carl Book Illumination - Early Middle Ages
Oliver, Stefan Paint Your Own Illuminated Letters
Pacht, Otto Book Illumination in the Middle Ages
Parkes, M. B. English Cursive Book Hands 1250-1500
Phoebus, Gaston Hunting Book, The
Pirani, Emma Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts
Plummer, John Hours of Catherine of Cleves, The
Pognon, Edmond Boccaccio's Decameron (15th Century)
Popova, Olga Russian Illuminated Manuscripts
Porcher, Jean Medieval French Miniatures
Porter, Pamela Medieval Warfare in Manuscripts
Psister, Kurt Mittelalterliche Buchmalerei
Randall Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts in the Walters
Richler, Binyamin Hebrew Manuscripts: A Treasured Legacy
Safadi, Y. H. Islamic Calligraphy
Samek-Ludovici, Sergio Dante's Divine Comedy: 15th Century Manuscript
Sassoon, Rosemary Practical Guide to Caligraphy, The
Schimmel, Annemarie Calligraphy & Islamic Culture
(someone else in Cyrillic) (Two volume repro of Russian 14th century bible)
Sotheby's Medieval Illuminated Miniatures from the Collection
Sotheby's Illuminated Manuscripts from the Celebrated Librar
Sotheby's Western Manuscripts and Miniatures
Spencer, Judith Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti
Stevick, Robert Earliest Irish and English Bookarts, The
Stones, Alison & J. Steyaert Medieval Illumination, Glass & Sculpture in Minnes
Studely, Vance Art & Craft of Handmade Paper, The
Sweeney, James Johnson Irish Illuminated Manuscripts
Szirmai, J.A. Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding, The
Thomas, M. & G. Schmidt Die Bible des Königs Wenzel
Thomas, Marcel Golden Age - MS Painting at the time of Jean, Duke
Thomas, Marcel Rohan Master, The: Book of Hours
Thomas, Marcel Grande Heures of Jean Duke of Berry, The
Thomas, Marcel & F. Avril Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus, The
Thompson, Daniel V. Materials & Techniques of Medieval Painting, The
Thorpe, James Book of Hours
Tolley, T. Book of Hours, A
Turner, D. H. Romanesque Illuminated Manuscripts
Unterkircher, F. King Rene's Book of Love
Vikan, Gary Medieval & Renaisance Miniatures
Vinas, S.M. & E. F. Farrell Technical Analysis of Renaissance Illuminated Mss
Voronova T. & A. Sterligov Manuscrits enlumines occidentaux VIII-XVI Siecles
Walters Art Gallery Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
Walters Art Gallery Journal of the Walters Art Gallery, The 1968-1969
Watson, Aldren A. Hand Bookbinding
Welch, A. & S. C. Welch Arts of the Islamic Book
Welch, Stuart Cary Royal Persian Manuscripts
Wellesz, Emmy Vienna Genesis, The
Weng, Wan-go Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
Whalley, Joyce Irene Pen's Excellencie, The
Wieck, Roger S. Painted Prayers
Williams, John Early Spanish Illumination
Wilson, Elizabeth Bibles and Bestiaries
Winter, Carl Elizabethan Miniatures

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