CIBA Reviews

CIBA Reviews.

6Silks of Lyons
9Dyeing and Tanning in Classical Antiquity
10Trade Routes and Dye Markets in the Middle Ages
11Early History of Silk, The
13Guild Emblems and their Significance
17Dress Fashions of the Italian Renaissance
26Medieval Cloth Printing in Europe
34Development of Footwear, The
34Cotton and Cotton Trade in the Middle Ages
37Textile Ornament
47Cloth Merchants of the Renaissance as Patrons of Art
48History of the Textile Craft in Holland, The
50Medieval Embroidery
51Fashions and Textiles at the Court of Burgundy
57Medieval Dress
62Swiss Fairs and Markets in the Middle Ages
69Textile Art in the Sixteenth Century France
78Fashions and Textiles of Queen Elizabeth's Reign

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