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Anderson, Ruth Matilda Hispanic Costume 1480 - 1530
Anthony, Pegaret & J. Arnold Costume: A General Bibliography
Arnold, Janet Handbook of Costume
Arnold, Janet Lost from Her Majesties Back
Arnold, Janet Patterns of Fashion
Arnold, Janet Patterns of Fashion 1 1660 - 1860
Arnold, Janet Patterns of Fashion 2 1860 - 1940
Arnold, Janet Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlocked
Barton, Lucy Historic Costume for the Stage
Bell, Quentin On Human Finery
Belves, P. & F. Mathey Beaux Costumes
Benson, Elaine & John Esten Unmentionables
Birbari, Elizabeth Dress in Italian Painting 1460 - 1500
Boucher, Francois 20,000 Years of Fashion
Braun & Schneider Historic Costume in Pictures
Brooke, Iris English Costume from the 14th through the 19th Cen
Bruhn, Wolfgand & Max Tilke Pictorial History of Costume
Burnham, Dorothy Cut My Cote
Calthrop, Dion Clayton English Costume 1066-1820
Ciba Review #17 Dress Fashions of the Italian Renaissance
Ciba Review #34 Development of Footwear, The
Ciba Review #51 Fashions & Textiles in the Court of Burgundy
Ciba Review #57 Medieval Dress
Ciba Review #78 Fashions & Textiles of Queen Elizabeth's Reign
Clartk, Fiona Hats
Courtais, Georgine de Women's Headdresses and Hairstyles
Crowfoot, Pritchard & Stanilan Textiles & Clothing c. 1150-1450
Cumming, Valerie Royal Dress 1580 to present day
Cumming, Valerie 17th Century - A Visual History
Cummings, Valerie Gloves
Cummington, C. Willet & Phylli Handbook of English Costume in 17th Century
Cunington, P & A. Mansfield English Costume for Sports & Outdoor Recreation
Cunington, P & C. Lucas Occupational Costume in England
Cunnington, C. Willett & Phyll Handbook of English Costume in the 16th Century
Cunnington, P & C. Lucas Costume for Births, Marriage & Deaths
Cunnington, P & C. Lucas Charity Costume
Cunnington, Phillis & A. Buck Children's Costume in England 1300 - 1900
Davenport, Millia Book of Costume
De Alcega, Juan Tailor's Pattern Book 1589
Dick, Karen Whole Costumer's Catalogue - 10th ed
Dorner, Jane Fashion
Dunbar, John Telfer Highland Costume
Dunlevy, Mairead Dress in Ireland
Edson, Doris Period Patterns
Edwards, R. & L.G.G. Ramsey Tudor 1500-1603
Eubanks, K. L. Sewing for Vikings
Evans, Joan Dress in Mediaeval France
Filloux, Rachel Costumes, Armes et Harnois des Freres du Temple
Funcken, Liliane & Fred Arms and Uniforms Ancient Egypt to the 18th Cent
Funcken, Liliane and Fred Arms and Uniforms: The Age of Chivalry Part 1
Funcken, Liliane and Fred Arms and Uniforms: The Age of Chivalry Part 2
Geijer, Franzen, & Nockert Drottning Margaretas gyllene Kjortel
Goddard, Eunice Rathbone Women's Costume in French Texts of the 11 & 12 C
Gordon, Stewart Robes and Honor: The Medieval World of Investiture
Grange, R. M. D. Short History of the Scottish Dress, A
Green, Ruth M. Wearing of Costume, The
Gutarp, Else Marie Hurusom Man Sig Klädde
Hald, Margrethe Primitive Shoes
Harte, N.B. & K. G. Ponting Cloth & Clothing in Medieval Europe
Hill, M.H. & P. Bucknell Evolution of Fashion - Pattern & Cut from 1066 to
Hodges, Laura Chaucer and Costume
Hollander, Anne Seeing Through Clothes
Hollander, Anne Sex and Suits
Hotchkiss, Valerie Clothes Make the Man
Houston, Mary G. Medieval Costume in England & France (13-15th Cen)
Hunnisett, Jean Period Costume for Stage & Screen
Hunnisett, Jean Period Costume for Stage & Screen Medieval - 1500
Hunnisett, Jean Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Outer Garments
Ingham, Rosemary & Liz Covey Costume Designer's Handbook
Ingham, Rosemary & Liz Covey Costume Technician's Handbook
Jones, A. R & P. Stallybrass Renaissance Clothing & the Materials of Memory
Jones, Heather Rose Medieval Welsh Clothing to 1300
Kaarma, Voolmaa, et al Eesti Rahvaroivad
Kathryn Goodwyn Fabrics & Colors
Kelly, F. M. & R. Schwabe Historic Costume 1490 - 1790
Laver, James Costume & Fashion - A Concise History
Leed, Drea Well Dress'd Peasant: 16th Century Flemish
Lehtosalo-Hilander, et al Euran Puku
Marwick, Arthur Beauty in History
Maxwell, S. & R. Hutchinson Scottish Costume
McBride-Mellinger, Maria Wedding Dress, The
McClintock, H.F. Old Irish & Highland Dress
McClintock, H.F. Old Highland Dress & Tartans
Monnas, L. & H. Granger-Taylor Ancient & Medieval Textiles
Morse, H.K. Elizabethan Pageantry
Newton, Stella Mary Dress of the Venetians 1495 - 1525
Newton, Stella Mary Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince
Nockert, Margareta Bockstensmannen
Norlund, Paul Buried Norsemen at Herjolfsnes
Norris, Herbert Costume & Fashion Volumes I & II
Owen-Crocker, Gale R. Dress in Anglo-Saxon England
Payne, Blanche History of Costume
Payne, Wubakor & Farrell-Beck History of Costume, The, 2nd Ed.
Peacock. John Costume 1066 - 1990s
Piton, Camille Le Costume Civil en France Du XIII au XIX
Ribeiro, Aileen Art of Dress, The - Fashion in England & France
Ribeiro, Aileen & V. Cumming Visual History of Costume
Robinson, Julian Body Packaging
Ross, Heather Colyer Art of Arabian Costume, The
Rubens, Alfred History of Jewish Costume, A
Rushworth, D. Handbook of Medieval Women's Dress, A
Rushworth, D. Handbook of Medieval Men's Dress, A
Rushworth, D. Handbook of Later Medieval Men's Dress, A
Rushworth, D. Handbook of Jacks and Arming Doublets, A
Russell, Douglas A. Costume, History & Style
Schnack, Christiane Mittelalterliche Lederfunde aus Konstanz
Schnurnberger, Lynn E. Kings, Queens, Knights & Jesters
Scott, Margaret 14th & 15th Centuries A Visual History of Costume
Scott, Margaret Late Gothic Europe, 1400 - 1500
Sichel, Marion History of Children's Costume
Sronkova, Olga Fashions Through the Centuries Renaissance Barouqu
Sronkova, Olga Mode der Gotischen Frau, Die
Swann, June History of Footwear in Norway, Sweden & Finland
Tarrant, Naomi Development of Costume, The
Thomas, Susan Medieval Footwear from Coventry
Thursfield, Sarah Medieval Tailor's Assistant, The
Tilke, Max Costume Patterns & Designs
Totora, P & K Eubank Survey of Historical Costume, A
Trivick, Henry Picture Book of Brasses in Gilt
Truman, Nevil Historic Costuming
Vecellio, Cesare Vecellio's Renaissance Costume Book
Waugh, Norah Cut of Men Clothes 1600-1900, The
Weiditz, Christoph Authentic Everyday Dress of the Renaissance
Wilcox, R. Turner Mode in Hats and Headdress, The
Willett, C. & P. Cunnington Handbook of English Medieval Costume
Wilson, Eunice History of Shoe Fashion, A
Wilson, Verity Chinese Dress
Winter, Janet & C. Schultz Victorian Costuming Volume 1 1840 to 1865
Winter, Janet & C. Schultz Elizabethan Costuming for the Years 1550 - 1582
Yamanaka, Norio Book of Kimono
Zylstra-Zweens, H.M. Of His Array Telle I No Lenger Tale

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