Counted Work

Charts for counted work, period and non-period including blackwork, counted crosswork, needlepoint, etc.

Lemon Drops & Lollipops
May Basket Designs
Pleasures of Cross-Stitch
Zodiac Charted Designs
Altherr, Ilse Blackwork & Holbein Embroidery
Altherr, Ilse Reversible Blackwork
Andreanna Innes Counted Thread Embroidery Patterns from Before 1650
Averoigne, Ianthe d' New Carolingian Modelbook, The
Baker. Muriel & M. Lunt Blue & White: Cotton Embroideries of Rural China
Barnes, C. & D. Blake 120 Needlepoint Design Projects
Bassee, Nicolas German Renaissance Patterns for Embroidery
Bengsson, Gerda Cross-Stitch Patterns in Color
Boyle, Margaret Needlework Gifts for Special Occasions
Burdett, Dale For Chocolate Lovers
Christopher, Barbara Charted Seashell Designs
Evans, Susan True Perfection of Design, Counted Thread Patterns
Evans, Susan J. Niccolo Zoppino's Esemplario
Evans, Susan J. Nicolo Zoppino's Universali (the Universals)
Everson, Karen Anglo-Saxon Borders
Everson, Karen Beasts of Hold and Hedgerow (Vol VI)
Everson, Karen Beasts of Field and Forest (Vol V)
Everson, Karen Book of Cats
Everson, Karen Book of Dragons
Everson, Karen Book of Unicorns
Everson, Karen Celtic Knotwork Borders for Counted Thread Embroid
Everson, Karen Creatures of Air and Sea (Vol III)
Everson, Karen Heraldic Miscellany - Vol VII
Everson, Karen Lion, The Unicorn, and the Dragon (Vol I)
Everson, Karen Pegasus, the Gryphon, the Wyvern (Vol II)
Foris, Maria Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery
Geddes, Elisabeth & M. McNeill Blackwork Embroidery
Gostelow, Mary Blackwork
Greenoff, Jane Cross Stitch Castles & Cottages
Hansom, Carol Designs, Period
Hasler, Julie Dogs & Puppies in Cross-Stitch
Houck, Carter 101 Folk Art Designs
Ianthe d'Averoigne Blackwork
Ianthe d'Averoigne Counted-Thread Patterns from Before 1600
Kiewe, Heinz Edgar Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania
Kliffen, Ina Celtic Animals Charted Designs
Lane, Maggies Gold & Silver Needlepoint
Leszner, Eva Maria Assisi Embroidery
Ness, Pamela Miller Assisi Embroidery
Parolini-Ruffini Charted Swiss Folk Designs
Perrone, Lisbeth Needlepoint Workbook
Shorleyker, Richard Schole-house of the Needle (Embroidery Patterns from
Sidmacher, Johan Baroque Charted Designs for Needlework
Spinhoven, Co Celtic Charted Designs
Urban, Sandra Charted Borders, Bands and Corners
Vinciolo, Federico Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery & Needle
Wainwright, Angela Medieval Cross Stitch Samplers
Weiss, Rita Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch

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