Books on dance.

Book of Dance, Vol 1
Book of Dance, Vol 2
Book of Dance, Vol 3
Alia Wasa Care Eastern Kingdom Dance Book
Caroso, Fabritio Courtly Dances of the Reaissance
Cornazano, Antonio Art of Dancing, The
Dolmetsch, Mabel Dances of England and France 1450-1600
Hagar the Black Dance Class 1-3
Horst, Louis Pre-Classic Dance Forms
Inglehearn, Madeleine 15th Century DAnces from Burgundy and Italy
Keller, K & G. Shimer Playford Ball, The
Kirstein, Lincoln Dance: A Short History of Classical Theatrical
Komulainen, Orvokki Vanhoja Tansseja
Playford, John English Dancing Master
Sharp, Cecil J. Country Dance Book, The Parts 1-6
Symborski, L. Playford Re-Play'd

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