Fighting, Chivalry and Combat

Books that deal with military (except Osprey and their ilk), fighting, SCA fighting, armour, chivalry, tournaments, warfare, etc.

Hammer, The, Issue 17
Riddarlek Och Tornerspel
Barber, Richard Knigth and Chivalry, The
Barber, Richard Reign of Chivalry, The
Barber, Richard & J. Barker Tournaments
Barker, Juliet Tournament in England 1100-1400, The
Beck, Tobi Armoured Rose, The
Blackmore, Howard L. Arms and Armour
Boutell, Charles Arms and Armour in Antiquity & the Middle Ages
Bradbury, Jim Medieval Archer, The
Burne, Lt. Col Alfred H. Crecy War, The
Chandler, David G. Art of Warfare on Land, The
Clare, John D. Ritarit
Clements, John Medieval Swordsmanship
Coss, Peter Knight in Medieval England 1000-1400
Duby, Georges Knight, the Lady and the Priest, The
Edge, David & John Paddock Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight
Eltis, David Military Revolution in Sixteenth-Century Europe
Fagerlund, Rainer Sotilasrasitus Varsinais-Suomessa 1523-1617
Flame, Best of Issue 1 Arts of War, The
Fradon, Dana Sir Dana: A knight
Gillingham, John War of the Roses, The
Gravett, Christopher Keskiajan Ritarit
Griffith, Paddy Viking Art of War, The
Haigh, Philip Military Campaigns of the War of the Roses, The
Hindman, Sandra Sealed in Parchment
Hyland, Ann Medieval Warhorse, The
Hyland, Ann Training the Roman Cavalry
Kaeuper, R. & E. Kennedy Book of Chivalry of Geoffroi de Charny, The
Karcheski Jr, Walter Arms and Armour in the Art Institute of Chicago
Keen, Maurice Chivalry
Krenn, P & W Karcheski, Jr. Imperial Austria: Treasures of Art, Arms & Armour
Mueller, H & F Kunter Europaische Helme
Nickel, Pyhrr, & Tarassuk Chivalry, Art of, The: European Arms & Armour
Nicolle, David Medieval Warfare Source Book: Christian Europe
Norman, A.V. B & G.M. Wilson Treasures from the Tower of London: Arms & Armour
Norman, A.V.B. Medieval Soldier, The
Norman, Vesey Arms and Armor
Oakeshott, R. Ewart Archaeology of Weapons, The
Pfaffenbichler, Matthias Armourers (Medieval Craftsmen)
Porter, Pamela Medieval Warfare in Manuscripts
Robards, Brooks Medieval Knight at War, The
Seward, Desmond Hundred Years War, The
Smith, A. G. Cut and Make a Knight in Armour
Talhoffer, Hans Medieval Combat
Tease, Geoffrey Condottieri, The
Turnbull, Stephen Book of the Medieval Knight, The
Watkins, Jane Studies in European Arms and Armour
Wise, Terence Medieval Warfare
Young, Alan Tudor And Jacobean Tournaments

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