Food Garnishing

Books on food garnishing, or food decoration, except for cake decoration.

Brock, Carol Edible Table Decorations
Budgen, June Book of Garnishes, The
Crowley, Jerry Fine Art of Garnishing, The
Haydock, Yukiko and Bob Japanese Garnishes
Haydock, Yukiko and Bob More Japanese Garnishes
Larousse, David Paul Edible Art
Lynch, Francis Talyn Garnishing: A Feast for Your Eyes
Ostrander, Sheila Festive Food Decorations for All Occasions
Quan, Constance Easy Garnishes
Quan, Constance Garnishing: The Basics and Beyond
Rosen, Harvey Apple Garnishing
Rosen, Harvey How to Garnish
Rosen, Harvey Melon Garnishing
Siple, Molly & Irene Sax Foodstyle: The Art of Presenting Food Beautifully
Su-Huei, Huang Chinese Appetizers and Garnishes
Townsend, Doris McFerran Art of Food Decorating, The
Weinberg, Julia Gourmet Bouquet: Decorative Centerpieces to Eat & Enjoy
Weinberg, Julia Hors d'Oeuvre Artistry
Wenker, Mary Albert Art of Serving Food Attractively, The

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