Books on herbs, herbals, gardens, vegetables, medicine, and that ilk. Not all are medieval or renaissance.

Medieval Herbal, A
Albala, Ken Eating Right in the Renaissance
Astill, Grenville & Annie Grant Countryside of Medieval England, The
Bayard, Tania Sweet Herbs and Sundry Flowers
Betts, E & H.B. Perkins Thomas Jefferson's Flower Garden at Monticello
Bianchini, Corbetta & Pistoia Complete Book of Fruits and Vegetables, The
Blunt Wilfrid & Sandra Raphael Illustrated Herbal, The
Brodin, Gosta Agnus Castus: A Middle English Herbal
Brown, Alice Cooke Eearly American Herb Recipes
Castelvetro, Giacomo Fruit, Herbs & Vegetables of Italy
Coe, Sophie and Michael True History of Chocolate, The
Collins, Minta Medieval Herbals: The Illustrative Traditions
Cooper, Guy & Gordon Taylor In Praise of Parsley
Cooper, Guy and Gordon Taylor Romance of Rosemary, The
Cooper, Mary Palmer Kelley Early English Kitchen Garden: Medieval to 1800 AD
Crosby, Alfred Columbian Exchange, The
Curwen, E. C. & G. Hatt Plough and Pasture
Dalby, Andrew Dangerous Tastes: The Story of Spices
Evans, Susan J. Pomanders and Sweet Bags
Eyler, Ellen Eearly English Gardens and Garden Books
Freeman, Margaret B. Herbs for the Medieval Household
Freke, Ellen Complete Book of Spices, The
Frisk, Gosta ME Translat of Macer Floridus de Viribus Herbarum
Gerard, John Herbal, or General History of Plants, The
Gex, Jenny de Medieval Flower Garden, A
Green, Monica Trotula, The Medieval Compendium of Women Medicine
Hauberg, Poul Henrik Harpestraeng Liber Herbarum
Hill, Thomas Gardener's Labyrinth, The
Hunt, Tony Plant Names of Medieval England
Jablonski, Ramona Medieval Garden Design Book, The
Josselyn, John New-Englands Rarities Discoverd
Meltzer, Milton Amazing Potato, The
Moe, D, J. Dickson & P. Jorgensen Garden History: Garden Plants, Species, Forms & Va
O'Hara-May, Jane Elizabethan Dyetary of Health
Rautavaara, Toivo Mihin Kasvimme Kelpaavat
Riddle, John M. Dioscorides on Pharmacy and Medicine
Rodway, Avril Literary, Herbal
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair Garden of Herbs, A
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair Old English Herbals, The
Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair Rose Recipes from Olden Times
Rosenblum, Mort Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit
Sanecki, Kay N. History of the English Herb Garden
Shepherd, J. C. & G. A. Jellicoe Italian Gardens of the Renaissance
Slosson, Elvenie Pioneer American Gardening
Smith, Andrew F. Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in Ame
Smith, Andrew F. Tomato in American, The
Stokstad, M & J. Stannard Gardens of the Middle Ages
Strabo, Walahfrid Hortulus
Talbot, Rob & Robin Whiteman Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden
Turner, Robert British Physician Or the Nature & Vertue of Englis
Turner, William Names of Herbes, The
Viola, Herman & Carolyn Margolis Seeds of Change: 500 Years Since columbus
Whiteaker, Stafford Complete Strawberry, The

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