Books of songs and music. Period, SCA and out of period.

Studentens Oumbärliga Sångbok
Asplund, Anneli & Ulla Piela Laulan Lempilintusille
Baldwin of Erebor Broadside of a Bard
Barak Raz Eastern Kingdom Songbook, The (Vol 3)
Barak Raz Ye East Kingdom Songboke
Bishop, Barbara Fair Lady Atlantia
Bloodpatterson, Peter Rise Up Singing
Bogel, Eric Songs of Eric Bogel, The
Bogle, Eric Eric Bogel Songbook, The
Boyd, Morrison Comegys Elizabethan Music and Musical Criticism
Bradley, S.A.J. Six Ribald Songs from Pills to Purge Melancholy
Child, Francis James English and Scottish Popular Ballads, The Vol 1-5
Cray, Ed Erotic Muse, The
Ecklar, Julia Dreamer
Ewan, Malkin & Peregrynne Madhouse Manor Pleyn Brown Wrapper Songbook, The
Fish, Leslie & Ruyard Kipling Cold Iron
Flanders, Michael & Donald Swann Songs of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann, The
Friends of Darkover Darkover Songbook Vol 1, The
Gerould, Gordon Hall Ballad of Tradition, The
Greenberg, Noah English Medieval and Renaissance Song Book, An
Gummere, Francis B. Popular Ballad, The
Harran, Don In Defense of Music
Healy, James N. Mercier Book of Old Irish Street Ballads, The (Vol 2)
Hirviseppä, Reino Bellman Lauluja ja Epistoloita
Hopsfa Hopsfa Hymnal
Huff, John All Among the Wool (the words)
John the Bearkiller Grey Niche & Partly Meridies Mostly Song & Partly Poetr
Jones, Heather Rose In the Key of Fanti-C
Jones, Heather Rose Obnoxious Little Ditties
Jones, Heather Rose Reality Next Door, The
Jones, Heather Rose Songbook Pusher
Jones, Heather Rose Songs
Jones, Heather Rose Songs of Lands Afar
Jones, Heather Rose & Bob Laurent Stave the Wails
Lavin, Christine Christine Lavin Songbook, The
Manning-Sanders, Ruth Bundle of Ballads, A
McKinnon, James Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Nordquist, Per Eric Våra 278 Bästa Snapsvisor
O'Hara, Mary Song for Ireland, A
Paxson, Diana L. Wandersong, The: Music of Westria
Paxton, Tom Politics
Peter, Paul & Mary Peter Paul and Mary Song Book, The
Phillips, E & J-P C. Jackson Performing Medieval and Renaissance Music
Price, Curtis Early Baroque Era, The
Robertson, J. C. Latin Songs and Carols
Rogers, Stan Songs from Fogarty's Cove
Russell, Ana Anna Russell Song Book, The
Seagrave, B.G. & W. Thomas Songs of the Minnesingers, The
Silber, Fred & Irwin Folksingers Wordbook
Small, Fred Breaking from the Line
Small, Fred Promises Worth Keeping
Steven MacEanruig & William the Luc Obnoxious Songs to Kill Your Enemies By
Stevens, Denis Penguin Book of English Madrigals for Five Voices, The
Stevens, Denis Penguin Book of English Madrigals for Four Voices, The
Swann, Donald & J.R.R. Tolkien Road Goes on Forever, The
Teri Lee Horse-Tamer's Daughter, The
Teri Lee Wolfrider's Reflections, A: Songs of ElfQuest
Tracey, Lynne Song Goes On, The: Contemporary Australian Folksongs
Waddell, Helen Mediaeval Latin Lyrics
Wellesz, Egon History of Byzantine Music and Hymnography, A
Yosef Alaric Grand, Combined Yosef Alaric/Pre-Dawn Leftist megafilk

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