Books on Vikings and their time period, and related stuff.

Gokstadfunnet et 100-års minne
Myth and Metal
Arwidsson & Berg Mästermyr Find, The
Bayley, J. Non-Ferrous Metalworking from Coppergate
Brondsted, Johannes Vikings, The
Clare, John D. Viikingit
Crescent Books Viking, The
Glubok, Shirley Art of the Vikings
Graham-Campbell, James Viking World, The
Griffith, Paddy Viking Art of War, The
Hald, Margrethe Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs
Hall, Richard Viking Dig, The
Hoffman, Marta Warp-Weighted Loom, The
Jochens, Jenny Women in Old Norse Society
Jorgensen, Lise Bender North European Textiles until AD 1000
Kormaksdottir, BrynhilarHervor's Saga
La Fay, Howard Vikings, The
Lehtosalo-Hilander, PirkkoLuistari-A History of Weapons and Ornaments
Magnusson, Magnus Viking:Hammer of the North
Margeson, Susan Viking
Morley, Jacqueline How Would You Survive as a Viking?
Nörlund, Poul Buried Norsemen at Herjolfsnes
O'Cooner, T. P. Bones from Anglo-Scandinavian Levels at Coppergate
Orrling, Carin Vikings! Traders and Craftsmen
Purhonen, Paula Fenno-Ugri et Slavi 1997
Ramqvist, Per H Högom
Rogers, Penelope Walton Textile Production at Coppergate
Roussell, Aage Sandes and the Neighbouring Farms
Sjovold, Thorleif Osberg Find, The
Sturluson, Snorri Prose Edda, The
Time-Life Vikings: Raiders from the North
Time-Life What Life was Like When Longships Sailed
Walton, Penelope Textiles, Cordage & Raw Fibre from Coppergate
Wilson, David Northern World, The
Wilson, David Vikings and Their Origins, The

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