1903 to 2003 - 100 Years of Powered Flight
- The rec.models.scale Readers' 100 Most Significant Aircraft

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Each spring, IPMS Finland holds a special exhibit at the Helsinki Model Expo to commemorate a significant historical event or time period - mainly to spur the public interest in plastic modeling in general and, of course, IPMS Finland in particular.

As in 2003 it will be 100 years from the Wright Brothers' first flight, and thus the beginning of powered flight, we intend to have a theme commemorating this time period with models of the 100 most significant aircraft. Most of the models will naturally be in 1/72 scale, with some obvious exceptions due to size of the subject aircraft.

In order not to be totally swamped, I limited the aircraft to include only those that:

  1. have actually flown (no drawing board projects)
  2. are powered by an engine or multiple engines (no gliders)
  3. fly mainly within the earth's atmosphere (no spacecraft, including the Shuttle)
  4. there is a model of in a reasonable scale, preferably still available

In other words, what I was looking for was a list of airplanes, helicopters, gyrocopters etc. - military as well as civilian.

What I requested was:

The voting has ended, and the list is now finalized.

Now is the time for requesting the models required for the display from the modelbuilders here in Finland. I will keep a list of the progress at IPMS Finland's web forum. All the aircraft that have received votes are listed, with the top 100 as a separate section from the "runners-up". If several aircraft have the same number of votes, they are presented in an alphabetical order sorted by the manufacturer.

Why "The rec.models.scale Readers' 100 Most Significant Aircraft"? Is this the definitive list - the 100 absolutely most significant aircraft of all time? Of course not, but it is _a_ list and thus as good as any other unscientific poll. It is just a little easier to base the exhibit on a collective opinion of fellow modelbuilders.

If you have a similar exhibit in mind, you are free to use this list. I'd appreciate it, however, if you mentioned the source and let me know about it as well.

The Aircraft


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