Our English Bulldog Teppo (Jewbull's Gene Simmons) was born 26.12.2006 and we took him home from the breeder on Sunday 4.3.2007 (dates in Finnish style throughout this page). The Jewbull's G-litter is now known as Harjavallan Tiikelit or Harjavalta Tigels (spelling intentional), since Teppo and his siblings are all "tiger striped" (brindle) and they were born and raised in Harjavalta, Finland.

Little tigel just born in 26.12.2006 In dad's lap 28.1.2007 First meeting 28.1.2007 Posing for the camera
Chico and Teppo get to know each other 4.3.2007 First time outside 6.3.2007   Next to my big brother at all times
Playing in the evening 7.3.2007   Finally, our little piglet fell asleep  
Fighting Tigel   Out on a walk 11.3.2007  
  12.3.2007 Springtime sun 18.3.2007 Gll Gll, I'm a Big Tigel!
Brothers smelling the spring.   22.3.2007 At work. When we've gone round the house and introduced the little Tigel to everyone,...
...you're bound to get a sleepy little puppy. 30.3.2007 Posing at home.   6.4.2007
  I love eating my bone.. 14.4.2007 The whole family outside - with Mom taking pictures of the boys.  
  Posing. 14.5.2007 I love to sleep on Mom... 15.5.2007 ... and Dad.
At local dog park 11.6.2007. Running piglet. 19.7.2007 What're you looking at... 22.7.2007 Rajasaari dog park, Helsinki.
9.8.2007 Summer cottage in Sysmä, Finland. Get into that? You're dreaming, buddy! Dreamer. 14.8.2007 You know, I would've liked it at the cottage.
Teppo's "kid brother" - found in Sweden at the Swedish Bulldog Club's booth in Stockholm 24.12.2007 Our Christmas piglet, almost one year old All the dogs in our family in the same picture 26.12.2007 Teppo the Tigel, one year old
  30.12.2007 Teppo wading in Finnish winter weather at  Rajasaari dog park, Helsinki 12.4.2008 At our dog park in Myllypuro, Helsinki  
  And they say bulldogs can't run...    
Dude. 27.4.2008 Teppo next to dad Seppo in Lahti.    
  After a hard day, mama is the best pillow. (Teppo has grown a little after a similar shot a year before). 1.5.2008 At the Espanjankoirat race. Who says that bulldogs cannot run? 25.5.2008 Rajasaari dog park, Helsinki.
  27.5.2008 Teppo wearing a scarf. 20.6.2008 IPMS Finland's mascot at Kauhava Midnight Sun Airshow. N.B. hearing protection designed for dogs! 29.6.2008 At Mäntsälä-Järvenpää show.
After the show it is time to relax at Rajasaari dog park, Helsinki. 5.7.2008 At Mikkeli show. After the show, duty calls as cabin guard at Savonranta. Guard duty makes you tired...
1.8.2008 Chewing on bones at home. 3.8.2008 Door guard makes sure that nobody steals daddy's sneakers. 16.8.2008 At Espanjankoirat summer days at Hiidenhelmi. Safely under cover. 16.11.2008 Englanninbulldoggiharrastat show at Hyvinkää.
26.12.2008 A 2 year old tigel. 27.12.2008 Sister and brother a.k.a. dummy twins Teppo and Inéz. Big brother Chico at rear. 17.1.2009 Any place is good for sleeping.
7.2.2009 8.2.2009 Any place is good for sleeping, part nn.    

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